About the Band

​How to get involved...

There are so many ways you can help this project succeed. Check out our contact page for information on booking or to send us questions/comments. There's also a link to our Facebook on the Home page so you can stay updated on upcoming shows and new music. Share it with friends, and help us spread the word! You can also donate to The Human State right now by clicking the donate button on the front page or by downloading music from the Music page. Downloads go through Bandcamp.com which is a free site that lets us ask for donations for our songs instead of charging people. When you click the download button it will ask how much you want to pay which means you can type "0" in the dollars box and get free music. We find this awesome, and we're hoping that people who have a little extra will keep donating so people who don't have anything can still enjoy our music.

“This is how a creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing.”
― Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

The Human State was founded by Jenna Veda in 2012, and has featured quite a few musicians so far. Created as a collective, the band's goal is to incorporate various artists to showcase their talents and help raise awareness of the importance of the arts. The Human State is currently made up of three members: Jenna Veda (lead vocalist and ukulele), Tracy Bradley (lead vocalist, guitarist and percussionist), and Mike Seeger (bass and production).

The group features mainly original songs, but enjoys incorporating covers both popular and obscure.